Sanctuary gameplay or balance ideas

This is a great place to suggest things you want to see in the game :wink:


I really want to see different commander upgrade hard points for the different factions, creating inherently different play styles for the factions commanders based on the fact the upgrades are for different slots and therefore have different effects.

Something like 1 faction has an upgrade for each shoulder, 1 has legs and torso, 1 has back and head.
Then they could all have similar arm upgrades.


Lol that’s exactly what i wanted to write, too. Its so cool in supreme commander to have big uniqe commanders which can be upgraded and is very important in the beginning of each match.
One thing which should be in the game is having scrap which can be reclaimed. I really like the mechanic. Maybe for each race with different effects. Some invsible nanobots or only a build can do this in an area.

One really important feature for base building are the synergy effects in supcom. Best mechanic in a strategy game. It makes more complex and more planned.

We do not like simply gameplay, we like hardcore strategy :slight_smile:

If i compare it to ashes of singularity thats was the main thing i really missed there and it was not nice like supcom 1 (not 2) :slight_smile: . Supcom1 was the best.

Unit response was another thing which i didnt like in Ashes… Hopefully in a large scale this is possible for sanctuary too.

Dear developers i wish you a lot of success to develope a game of my dreams. Your planned features for sanctuary seems to be really nice. Its time to get a new king in RTS games.

best regards,


thank you!

and we’ll take that feedback to heart!

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I would like to see more microable commander units, Supreme Commander had the Over Charge mechanic, which adds an extra element of micro and killing potential to the command in a fight. This is a great concept but I would love to see it pushed further.
Maybe some commander upgrades unlock usable abilities along side the passive abilities (I’m going to intentionally not suggest any :wink: )

I would also like to see the ability to give a unit an attack order and a movement order simultaneously. Allowing a unit to be manually targeted and still move.

Along the same lines, please make a hard decision on whether the player can manipulate the target priorities of units.
FAF has done several iterations of allowing and not allowing players to do it. Currently FAF allows a player to change the target priorities of units but not via the standard UI and only through UI mods. Which leaves a grey area for people to argue about whether it is fair or not.

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Well, about the different upgrade spots, considering atm the plan seems to be non-humanoid commanders for factions other than Chosen, so each one having a unique form, that’ll bbe an inherent feature

Hello dear developers!

Judging by the description, you get excellent factions with their own sets of units. But I would like to know, while working on them, did you focus on Starcraft 2? If not, it would be very useful for the game. For example:

  1. Harass and early attacks on enemy WORKERS for the early end of the game. This opens up new possibilities for fast units (type 3 EDA and type 3 Chosen), (builders of all races can be used as WORKERS).

  2. Completely opposite improvements for individual units. This will diversify ALL player strategies and make each game unique.

  3. Equal system of improvements for all factions. For example, 3 stages of improving armor, attacks, and so on. They can be expensive enough for competent intelligence to understand (partially) the enemy’s tactics.

  4. Individual units may have initial abilities that recover over time (since there are fewer units in Starcraft 2, then:) abilities are assigned to each unit separately for their mass use (for example, an increase in damage per second for 15 seconds). But for very expensive superunits, you can make separate abilities (switching to invisibility, invulnerability (the unit also cannot deal damage) for 30 seconds).

If you, the developers, liked these ideas, I can suggest new mechanics or clarify any idea I have.

P.S. By the way, the name of the faction EDA is literally read in Russian as “food” (Special Bread should know that… :slight_smile:

All the best, Egor. Russia.


Explosions are all nice and dandy but all the cool kids like implosions. I really wanna see some tanks get turned into metal spheres. Heck why not gather those spheres and load them into a rail gun for some hyper dense projectiles. Turning your foes into super strong ammunition, wow now that sounds like some efficiency focused ai. That’d be so cool to see an experimental that could do AOE implosion attacks and a main rail gun. It could be a special limited ammunition that it switches to. Otherwise It fires unlimited quantity normal density rounds at a way faster speed that shatter like a shotgun or melts from the air resistance (no clue if it works like that) doing a small AOE aswell. Against larger foes the shotgun rounds would still be good but man if you had some hyper dense cannonballs going supersonic speeds, well thats gotta be something else.
Maybe that’s overpowered, but maybe it isn’t if dynamic unit quirks become a theme :wink:

Shield technology was another thought i had. Super strong directional shields? I mean a bubble is great for defense against artillery, aircraft, getting surrounded, etc(as in i can’t think of more examples but you get the idea). what if you just need to block one side? Why not develop a specialized one that just does that side REALLY well. Different kinds of shields to save you from different threats, heck maybe you could even have skyward shields that are designed to repel quick moving entities like artillery shells and bombs.
You guys definitely got better places to focus your efforts currently but its something I’ve never seen anyone else do either.

Sound is something being weaponised in real life. Apparently there’s a special frequency for just about everything I guess that can damage it. Like glass. Now imagine scaling that up massively into a directional cannon that can cause metal to lose its form and vibrate so intensely it floats free of its molecular bonds. Disintegration rays?

I know next to nothing about chemistry but I do know some reactions get incredibly hot, I don’t know about plasma hot but maybe, and I’ve heard the term plasma cutter enough to make a connection there. Maybe a flame thrower esque unit or structure that sprays some combination of gunk that can do damage over time and coats an area for a brief period. Maybe it could act as a debuff aswell since its gunking everything up for a bit. I imagine it could be lobbed aswell in a shell or freeform area scatter.
It’d be real interesting to load up bombers with the stuff and drop it in areas to hinder enemy movements or cut off Scott free retreats.

Anyways thats all I can think of right now, its super late and time for bed. I hope some of my rambling served to inspire some cool ideas for you guys!


I was thinking about a priority system where you can assign a priority level to each building so that when you are short on resources/engineers the building with lower priority will shutdown while the ones with higher priority will continue to function in full capacity.


Different commander upgrades:
Commander for each faction will most likely be very unique and with that the options to upgrade them as well.

More micro for commander:
Im not really convinced for this one. The OC mechanic in SupCom was always a very unbalanced thing. One shotting higher tier units, in many cases just punishing any kind of early land teching. For the micro part, it actually got improved by adding the option to auto OC, which shows the opposite of what you’re suggesting. There was a demand for less micro and not more. And that’s probably the way I would choose, so you don’t need to babysit something, but if you do, you could get a bit more out of it.

Sounds cool.

Directional shield/more kinds of shield:
That is being considered.

Priority system for production:
Yes, this is considered, the exact format is not yet set, but there will be surely something to help manage the economy.


this is some of my ideas:

workers assist behavior:"when workers ordered to “assist” others worker they will spread around it in ring formation and try to repair,reclaim resources/enemies units or building(the closest resources and enemies get highest priority)

atk able units behavior:" when units(with ability to shot) assist other units they will form ring formation around it, when enemies units spotted(inside assisted unit line of sight) all units will move forward against enemies units to atk it, once destroyed they will return to ring formation again…adding scout to assist will extend the range of this behavior(base on scout atk range/LOS).
(units set on “DO NOT ATK” stand will stay in ring formation, usefull to keep scout moving forward)

add do not select unit button: usefull when you do not want some units to be selected (usefull for scout/workers/anti air units/missiles units/ must be stationed arty units

no T1 radar/sonar: remove T1 radar since at T1 tech scouts units will be considered T1 radar(with small E cost), T2 tech allowed to build radar building with better range, T3 will reveal even more range with some anti Stealt/cloaking.

hope this usefull!

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I was thinking about possible game idea using VR for RTS. Something like a war room panel map table but in front of you that you can click swipe in addition (or supplementary) to physical keyboard. So your screen is around you and you can turn to the right and left for more control and can drag units or icons.

Is that possible with new game development tools without necessarily making it overly complicated? :slight_smile:

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I would assume you want to put even less micro options for individual units into the game than in supreme commander, because the armysizes will be even larger. In supcom unit micro is mostly down kiting and formation, which work well on an army scale.
Dodging only works on a per unit basis and is quite fun with the first couple of combat units on the field, but sending battleships in circles for 15minutes straight on the typical navy map is quite annoying. If it is theoretically possible to dodge is a matter of hitbox sizes, Projectile travel time, AOE and the agility of the targeted unit. Do you already have an idea which units you want to be able to dodge shots and most importantly how to preventing dodging being a viable for the rest of the units?

I really like the idea of ​​different types of shields and I have several of my own options. There may be shields that slow down the speed of physical projectiles to zero at the edge of their work. Naturally, such shields ignore energy and plasma weapons. In contrast, they can be shields that absorb energy. Such shields can even collect fired energy and send it to batteries. There can also be physical walls that reflect lasers and walls that attract projectiles to them. There may be shields that have additional missile defense. Also, I propose to supply all shields with uneven power consumption. For example, in idle time, the shield consumes N energy, but when absorbing damage, energy consumption increases and the more DPS the shield absorbs, the more it increases, up to a certain threshold, after which it turns off or passes extra damage.

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I have a new idea. I saw this idea in our Ru VK community. What if you add a characteristic of patency to units. For example, assault bots, in addition to increased speed, will be able to lose less speed on different types of ground, and light t1 mechmarines will generally be able to make their way through steep mountains. This will keep the t1 army relevant even in the late game, as well as add more tactics to our favorite RTS. If the map editor has much in common with the supreme commander, then you can implement different terrains if you add different levels of passage to them, identical to the levels of passage of each unit. Thus, heavy tanks will not climb mountains and get into swamps, and assault units will attack weak flanks much more often. It would be amazing!

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that’s interesting, but all that stuff would steer the gameplay away from WYSIWYG, what ideas do you have to limit that phenomenon?

Most likely, I did not quite understand the term WYSIWYG, but if it means not understanding the contents of the map at first glance, then difficult-to-pass places can be marked with textures or decals. This is true both with flat swamps and with mountain passes. If it concerns understanding where a particular unit can pass and where not, then when you hover over it, you can highlight the zones where this unit can move. But I agree, this idea becomes unreasonably difficult to implement …

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This are some ideas that I have

  1. A game mode that allows that your ACU have multiple upgrades in the same slot instead of one. Imagine a ACU with a TML, Personal Shield, Bubble Personal Shield and Nano-Repair System all at the same time in the Back Upgrade Slot in the battlefield

  2. Make the Sanctuary equivalent of the Quantum Gateways can teleport groups units to another Quantum Gateway.

  3. Be able to use the nukes explosions to “block” the transferency of resource between to points for a very low time.
    For example, you have a secundary base with heavy defenses, Anti-Nukes and all that stuff, and that secondary base is blocking you the access to the primary enemy base. But you have some Strategic Submarines (with some Nukes), and an air army of Bombers. — So you launch all the nukes between the primary and secondary enemy base, causing that the primary base can’t transfer (by mysterious means) their resources to the secondary base for a very short time, making that secondary base now runs with their own production resource but, because don’t produce enough energy to feed all the base, the Shields of that base falls and receive a storm of furious bombers

  4. A mode of game that adds a “heavy fog of war” to all the map, that make the players even doesn’t know what is the geography of the map or where are the resource and need to explore the zones to discoverer that things

  5. A game mode that makes to the players select (for themselves) a maxium amount of upgrades that they ACU will have at the start of the game. So the players will be for example have Gun Upgrade and a T2 Engineer Upgrade by free at the start of the game.

  6. A ban unit system that allows to select individual units to forbidden their building. This can be intersting if is mixed with the 5 idea — imagine that you play with your friends a game where cannot build Mass Extractors, so the whole game consist in fight for the reclaim and build extremly explosive Mass Farms

  7. Not knowing of what factions your enemies are before you discover them. This can be very intersting in the first stage of the game.

  8. Be able to see the space that occups the allied buildings. You know, that magical green square that appears around all your buildings when you are building things, but now you see that magica square of [another color] because the square is marking the space that occups the T3 Energy Generator of your allied.

  9. Emojis for chat, mark points (like SupCom FA but better) and a option to make your ACU dance, another meme example

  10. If Supreme Commander have destroyers that can sumerge like submarines and Destroyers with legs. Why not be beyond and add DESTROYERS WITH WINGS TO FLY BEYOND THE SKY!!!?

Yeah, I was in the need to make the strikethrough jokes of point 9 and 10


I agree with points 2, 7 and 8. The first point strengthens the already strong ACU. As for me, it is the ability to choose between upgrades that adds excitement to the game. Point number 3 is either very difficult to implement, or not feasible at all (at least on the Supcom engine). With a limited budget, it’s better for developers to invest in optimization or graphics than to try to explain to the game that on two bases at the time of the nuke explosion, the resources of one player are not shared. Point 6 has been implemented in FAF for a long time and the idea with emoji? flying destroys and dancyng ACU seems funny. As far as game modifications go, let modders handle them after the game is released. At least, this is my view on these proposals. Tatsu’s opinion may differ and maybe the project does have the time and money to create completely new mechanics and official mods.

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Here are some ideas that I hope these great devs will take into consideration.

  1.         I have always thought It would be cool to have a game mode involving 2 planets you can fight on in the same match. This would be an opportunity to include different types of space ships, including transport and battleship space ships. This would also be an opportunity to include some sort of orbital defense system.
  2.           I think it would be a great idea to include different types of nukes. For example there could be a "dirty nuke" this nuke has extra radiation making the point of contact highly radioactive for a little while. 
  3.        While the dirty bomb example might seem overpowered there could be certain units or unit upgrades specifically tuned to fight the harmful radiation. This could be said for any new type of bomb or missle.
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