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Please talk about what you think of the current lore and how it can be improved. Lore is (here) (must be a Discord member to view)


my first suggestion is that lore should be longer and more fleshed out :slight_smile:


this is crazy
A really good opportunity to know more about the game-in lore

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indeed, the lore should be longer and more fleshed out

lore is a good thing

Hey couldn’t help but notice that these 2 statements aren’t physically possible without the sun going on a massive stellar McDonalds trip :laughing:

From the lore page on the website

“Sanctuary is one AU in diameter and on average 200 meters thick.”

“The outer side of Sanctuary was constructed to be as similar to native Earth as possible. The gravity and atmosphere are practically identical”

Doing some back of the envelope calc

To get a gravitational pull equal to earths around an object that weighs that of the sun you’d have to have a radius of less than 3.687e9 m. (It would have to be less than this because the Sun spins, therefore creating a centripetal force and reducing the gravity at the surface on the equator. I’m not even going to entertain thinking about the issues caused by not syncing your Dyson Sphere’s spin with that of the host star.)

1 au is 1.496e11 m, half it to get a radius not a diameter is ~7.5e10 m, which is ~20 times the radius of our upper limit for earth gravity.

you’re absolutely right and those aren’t the values we’ve settled on. that lore is far out or date.

in the end we went with 0.024 AU and 5.5Km thick.

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That is thick enough to have a battle on an exposed edge of the sphere :wink: which could make for a mind bending 3d map where gravity is pointing to the side. All the planes flying lop sided :laughing:


i want to see 3 way battle royal of "United Corporate states(led by group of Biggest corporations) VS Socialist Common Wealth(some Olygarch style goverment) VS Empire of Solas(led by her highenss princess?)

none of them Evil(have very good intention!) since all fight to prospers their own faction throught their own ideologies and truly believe their way is justice and right way, if its mean they must eliminate others then so be it!

at first these 3 build Sanctuary together, cities and Biome, everything using Neuro Controled Bots workers and builders but when Sanctuary 90%(at some part you can even see the sun deep inside it) finished they start arguing who will control the sanctuary “Sun Control system” since who ever Control it can set how much Sun energy to others(theres others numerous smaller factions outside these main 3 and they will followed who ever Control the Sun!), and this is the main reason of their conflicts

this conflicts led into the creation of auto bots war machines AI to take Control the Sun
1.EDA(female AI) created by United Corporate State
2.Chosen(male AI) created by Socialist Common Wealht
3.Guard(tought Female AI) created by Empire of Solas base on their legendary female Knight.