Ideas about terrain destruction

We recently posted a dev log about terrain shattering [here].
What do you think about terrain destruction, and how should it work? Let us know your thoughts on the matter!

It sounds awesome so far! I liked the idea that the mao can repair itself after a while, and that you can destroy that too…
I had an idea, for a soecific map, where most of the map is destructible, it would basically be a giant grid that if you nuked a tile it will fall into the sun… (and ofc repair itself eventually, otherwise it would be possible to create an impassable wall) maybe the starting tiles should be invincible, maybe not! I dont really mind tbh

Oh and It will be possible for community members to make maps that do this right? And id imagine it would be very hard to make the animations look nice…

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Hey I decided to get an account here so I could reply to these easier. First off I like the website design but that has nothing to do with this topic so I’ll get on to that.

I thought it was odd that you didn’t like small scale terraforming because it would get in the way of pathing and the overall experience, and then talked about destroying the map.
I was going to write a big post on why I like small scale terraforming, but then I realized that in order to get the maximum strategy out of it, a lot of other changes would have to be made, like for instance I don’t think you guys have any units that would go up walls (as far as I know), but if you ever plan on making some it would be really cool to have them and maybe introduce some terraforming with them so they don’t get to be entirely defenseless when everything is flat.

I like all the ideas so far, I also really like the idea of the sphere repairing itself, and I like the idea of it being destroyed as well, because it’s entirely new and cool! I have never heard of it before. Overall, Awesome!

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