Fazioni (Factions)

Penso che le fazioni di questo gioco ricalcano troppo pedissequamente quelle di Starcraft. Perché dovrei scegliere questo e non Starcraft 2, a questo punto? Una maggiore originalità sarebbe stata più apprezzata.

I think factions in this game follow too much in the footsteps Starcraft ones. So why should I play this game and not Starcraft 2, instead? I would appreciate a greater originality.

Hey Fazioni.

We decided going with 3 faction, to differ from Supreme Commander and Total Annihilations, which has 2 factions. These are our mian inspirations.
Going 3 factions seems sensible, without going over the board with 4, or 5 factions etc.
We can go only so far, without being somehow similar to game A or B, or C.
Yet balancing is major aspect, which we need look upon and will take time, to get it right.

Before Sanctuary release, many things may potentially change during the development. Including factions itself. But we hoping not to divert too much from the main direction.

However, with all saying that, we create moddable game, which will allow anyone add or remove factions, if anyone wish to, along with modifying various properties of units, etc.